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Instant Digital KYC: A Game Changer for Company Capital

By Flinks on February 21st, 2018

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Flinks’ technology now simplifies the onboarding process of Company Capital small business loans applicants.

Flinks and Company Capital Inc. are pleased to announce their partnership, which aims to facilitate access to capital for small business owners.

Company Capital Inc., a Canadian privately held company based in Victoria, BC, provides flexible financing solutions to small businesses across Canada.  By using Flinks’ technology, Company Capital can offer its clients a one-click solution allowing them to share the banking information needed to get a loan approval. Instant digital authentication is a huge benefit to Company Capital allowing the Company to streamline its process significantly – to the benefits of its customers. 

Flinks also allows Company Capital to adapt to the real-time cash flow of their clients. The innovative lender offers smart options: skipping or lowering payments, or adjusting the term length, all based on the rich data accessible through Flinks Application Programming Interface (API).

Specifically, Company Capital can now access the following four data sets:

  • KYC information, including business name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Account verification: institution, transit and account number.
  • 12 months of bank account transaction history.
  • Real-time balance verification to protect from NSF fees.

« By connecting with Canadian banks, Flinks significantly improves our user experience as well as the simplicity of accessing client banking information. With Flinks, our turnaround time for small business loans is now less than 24 hrs » says Steve Clark, owner and CEO of Company Capital Inc.

« Company Capital and Flinks share a common vision of improving customer service by accelerating the application submission and review cycle » says Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf, CEO of Flinks. « All the tasks related to the loan application are automated and it allows for a smooth and seamless experience. »

About Company Capital inc.

Company Capital is a 100% Canadian, privately held company based in Victoria, BC, with a long history of providing financial services to the small business community in Canada.

Company Capital is what is referred to as a direct lender – meaning customers deal directly with the decision makers and source of the money – not through a broker. This allows Company Capital to make quick decisions and provide lowest rates in the industry.

There are three primary driving forces that differentiate Company Capital from everyone else.

Simplicity – Company Capital has made it a strategic priority to make the process easy for small business owners to apply and qualify for small business financing.

Flexibility – small businesses need more than a “cookie cutter approach” so Company Capital offers the most flexible business loans in Canada with options like skipped payments, lower payments, or longer terms.

Real People – automated systems are great for ordering office supplies but when it comes to business loans Company Capital believes small businesses deserve a real person dedicated to each account.

About Flinks

Flinks is the only financial data aggregator dedicated to the Canadian market. Flinks is a technology partner that developed an application programming interface (API) which syncs financial apps with customers’ banks to verify account information, transactions, and balances in real-time.

Launched in December 2016, Flinks is one of the fastest growing FinTech companies in Canada. It was recently named a finalist for the Canadian Innovation Awards. 

Looking to develop market-leading financial solutions? Start building powerful automation using Flinks financial API.

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