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Become the bank that embraces data sharing

Let your customers share data safely, drive adoption with leading fintechs, and gain control over usage.

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for financial institutions

Every day, your customers are choosing to use financial products complementary to yours. Financial institutions are completely in the dark when it comes to understanding what data is shared, where it’s going, and how it’s being used.

Enabling safe data sharing to minimize risk while remaining at the centre of your customers’ financial lives is both a challenge — and a major opportunity.

Flinks Outbound, our open banking environment

Flinks’ flexible open banking infrastructure is built to let you launch and adapt quickly in a dynamic market and regulatory environment.

Winning with open banking goes far beyond just technology and APIs. Our extensive network of third-party applications that millions of Canadians are already using can become your launchpad.

Drive adoption and partnership with leading fintechs

Leverage an extensive network of fintechs connecting through Flinks.

Deploy your connection instantly to drive adoption.

Facilitate monetization, and partner with key fintechs.

Managed service to let your users share data safely

Migrate away from credential exchange to secure OAuth.

Enable your customers to manage consent within your online banking platform.

Know exactly how your customers are sharing their data.

Launch quickly and build on flexible open banking infrastructure

Ensure your open banking program works with any future API, operational, or technical standard.

Work with the only provider that has launched an Open API program with a major Canadian financial institution.

Harness Flinks’ open banking leadership

Our focus is to help you build and operate an open banking offering that will allow your institution to build winning financial experiences while executing your data-out strategy.

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