Convert more borrowers while mitigating risk and loan defaults

Optimize your underwriting with Flinks IBV & financial data Enrichment. Approve more loans faster with OAuth—direct access to financial data—and our data analytics engine.

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Connect to customers' banking data with Flinks secure OAuth Connectivity and Open Banking APIs.


Leverage our out-of-the-box reports tailored for lenders to better understand your borrowers’ financial profile.


Pick the relevant data insights that work for your risk modeling and build your custom reports to power your loan decisioning.

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Consistent, quality data access at any time

Convert more customers using Flinks IBV - the largest OAuth coverage in the US and Canada. Verify and onboard customers faster as scale with reliable and accurate data.

| Our clients in the lending space saw up to a 30% increase in conversion rates after switching from their previous banking APIs/IBVs to Flinks.

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Pre-built lending reports for underwriting

Assess borrowers’ creditworthiness by quickly conducting cash flow analysis and mitigating fraud with our all-in-one reports, optimized for consumer and commercial lending.

  • ✓ Employer & non-employer income
  • ✓ Trends of total deposits
  • ✓ # of NSF fees & stop payments
  • ✓ Average monthly total free cash flow
  • ✓ Outstanding micro-loans
  • ✓ And much more
Step 3


Tailored insights fuel your loan decisioning

Take advantage of our ~2,500 data insights—choose the ones that are relevant to your risk modeling, and integrate them into your existing underwriting process and reporting framework.

Transform your lending experience with banking data

  • Institutions

  • KYC

  • Account

  • Transactions

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Solutions for

Personal lending

From instant bank verification, digital KYC, income analysis to fraud detection, Flinks built an end-to-end solution for payday lenders, installment lenders, fintech lenders, and retail finance so that you don’t have to.

Commercial lending

Flinks supports full-fledged risk analysis for commercial lenders by empowering easier SMB loan prequalification, as well as offering a seamless digital journey towards commercial loan origination.


Whether you are mortgage lenders, brokers and issuers, or real estate and property managers, Flinks powers you to verify tenants and homebuyers, build compliant audit trails, and onboard more customers.


Integrate Flinks with your existing CRM, LOS, or LMS without any hassle. We power your underwriting workflow and help you make smarter loan decisions by building trusted partnerships.

“With better intelligence, we make better decisions. Flinks helped us lower our default rate.”
Dustin Canuel, Chief Operating Officer, NCR
“It’s all about understanding our customers—and Flinks provides the best insight into consumer behavior that exists.”
Tyler Thielmann, VP of Consumer Lending, Spring Financial
“We use Flinks every time we underwrite loans, which includes every time we renew the customer. We instantly pull financial information as a part of the application process and now we get constant data to make better decisions faster.”
David Gens, CEO, Merchant Growth

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