Data Enrichment

Actionable banking data insights at your fingertips

Get the most out of your transaction data with in-depth customer insights. Power faster and more accurate decisioning with Flinks Enrichment.

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Why data enrichment?

Mitigate risks &
prevent fraud

Reduce fraud exposure and prevent losses. Instantly identify any gaps and inconsistencies with our visual breakdowns and key risk indicators.

Enable more accurate,
real-time decisioning

Obtain a holistic financial picture of your customers in a matter of seconds. Power more competitive products and faster, truly digital experiences.

Gather insights from
any data source

Get the most insights out of your customers’ banking data—whether it’s from Flinks or a third party. Minimize manual processes and human intervention.

How data enrichment works

Get the full benefit of your transaction data with Flinks Enrichment. From a snapshot of your customers’ financial profile to custom data modeling, our data analytics engine has you covered.

Pull transactional data from any source

Run Enrichment on top of your retail & business banking data, whether it’s from Flinks, other data aggregators, or PDFs.

Deliver actionable insights in real-time

Make raw transaction data actionable by adding behavioral insights visualized in graphs and charts.

Feed insights into your custom models

Build a custom analytics framework by importing relevant data attributes into your models or another reporting system of choice.

Data enrichment use cases


An extensive report covering income, risk, liability, and cashflow analysis, applicable for both manual and automated underwriting


High-level income analysis with breakdowns of employer, non-employer, and government income for fast and easy income verification

User Analysis

A comprehensive picture of your customers’ financial profile with a combination of income, fraud, and risk insights

Credit Risks

High-level risk analysis covering key financial information with additional risk factors that help you assess credit and mitigate risks

Business Analysis

An advanced report offering key aspects of business accounts such as operational income and expenses to speed up commercial underwriting

“It’s all about understanding our customers—and Flinks provides the best insight into consumer behaviour that exists.”

Tyler Thielmann, VP of Consumer Lending, Spring Financial

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