Data tools that power financial experiences

Use Flinks to connect financial accounts and turn raw data into actionable insights. We make it easy for your team to access, understand, and use financial data in your products and services.

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Data tools for connected financial services

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Connect your users’ financial accounts to your services

Let users connect their financial accounts, gain instant access to banking, business, and investment data.

With industry-leading coverage of financial institutions in the US & Canada, from KYC to transactional data and assets, we got you covered.

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Why Flinks?
Consumers want to use your services - make it easy for them to share the data you need.
Start delivering value immediately, and grow your relationships as they connect all their accounts.

Enriched data to understand your users

Turn raw financial data from any aggregator into real-time, actionable insights.

Our unique data enrichment engine provides the data points you need for credit risk analysis, income detection, fraud prevention, and more.

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Why Flinks?
Businesses collect data faster than they can make sense of it. With Attributes, you instantly get actionable insights to power your use cases and enable your teams to focus on making a difference.

Deliver a winning open banking program

Flinks’ flexible open banking infrastructure is built to let you launch quickly in a dynamic market.

Let your customers share data safely, drive adoption with leading fintechs, and gain control over usage.

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Why Flinks?
Winning with open banking goes far beyond just technology and APIs. Our extensive network of third-party applications that millions of Canadians are already using can become your launchpad.

Build the financial institution of the future

Pick your industry. We’ll show you what the future holds.


Optimize your consumer and commercial loan underwriting. With coverage on over 10,000 financial institutions in the US & Canada, Flinks helps you approve more loans, faster.

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Digital Banking

Innovate faster to keep up with evolving needs and expectations. Deliver delightful end-to-end digital experiences everywhere it matters.

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Our financial data layer helps access to the data you need to facilitate EFT & ACH.

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Be at the forefront of innovation. Deliver personalized experiences at scale using the power of data connectivity and enrichment.

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Wealth Management

Let users directly connect their investment accounts from over 75 platforms. Gain an overview of their accounts, positions, securities, and more.

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Client stories

“With Flinks we’re able to onboard thousands of clients daily in a matter of minutes, making a complex process as simple and frictionless as possible.”
Laura Lampe,
Senior Director of Operations

Find how Wealthsimple leverages Flinks’ data layer to set the new standard in user onboarding: a quick, intuitive, and friendly experience.

“Over 60% of PayBright customers use Flinks as a way to repay their loans. This is very powerful.”
Madge Rumman,
Senior Director of Product

Find out why PayBright relies on Flinks to perform critical functions powering its POS instalment payment solution.

“With just a few steps, our customers can authenticate themselves and connect their bank accounts for payment within a matter of seconds.”
Andrew Boyajian,
Head of North American Banking

Wise delivers instant and convenient money transfers (EFT). Here's how Flinks helps make it happen.

“With better intelligence, we make better decisions. Flinks helped us lower our default rate.”
Dustin Canuel,
Chief Operating Officer

Find out how digital lender NCR Financial uses Flinks to gather its customers’ transaction history and make instant, automated underwriting decisions.

“Files are securely transferred from our front-end, which is powered by Flinks, to our document repository system for safe-keeping. It has made things a lot easier for our clients.”
Paul von Martels,
Vice President, Prime & Reverse Mortgage Credit

Learn how EQ Bank uses Flinks' products to transform their mortgage approval process and deliver a smooth, digital experience.