We deliver tools for financial innovation to businesses—big and small.

Flinks enables the open, consent-based exchange of financial data and empowers you to connect consumers with the services they want.

Digital finance is powered by data

Access to data is core to innovation, but that is just the start.
Flinks provides the data layer needed to power the next generation of financial experiences.


Our Enrichment packages turn raw financial data into insights that directly enable your business operations.


Our Connectivity network lets you connect to user accounts and retrieve the data you need, across industries and geographies.

Digital finance is powered by people, too

It all started when we wanted to put financial data to use—and realized we could not.
Today, hundreds of world-class companies trust Flinks to connect their users’ financial accounts, enrich data, and utilize it to power better products.

Don’t wait for others to chart the path

Our purpose is to open up new opportunities to reshape finance with data, so innovators can dream bigger and move faster.

Listen to clients — and their clients

Our solutions are deeply rooted in the challenges that our clients, and their own clients, experience on a daily basis.

Build strong connections

Trust is earned by delivering on our promises. We are careful and deliberate as we turn fast iterations into long-term reliability.

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