Deliver a stellar digital
banking experience

Flinks' Opening Banking API powers your banking experience.
Create industry-leading onboarding experiences, broaden your offering, and increase customer lifetime value with actionable insights into their finances.

Solutions for:

Prime lenders

Create a first-class loan origination experience that will convert applicants into repeat customers. Optimize credit underwriting, and serve growing markets by tapping into newcomers and Gen Z.

Credit cards

Stay at the center of your customers’ financial life by delivering hyper-personalized products. Be proactive in expanding and upselling your offerings for sustainable growth.


Build competitive advantage through a key-in-hand onboarding experience. Mitigate risk of defaults. Give your business the differentiation you need to enhance customer loyalty.

BaaS (Bank-as-a-Service)

Provide innovative, consumer-centric banking options to more people. Integrate top-tier financial products and services directly into your value chain with compliance in mind.

Transform your digital banking experience with user-permissioned data

  • Institutions

  • KYC

  • Account

  • Transactions

Use Cases
KYC/ID Verification
Income Verification
Account Funding
Product Matching
Financial Management
Portfolio Risk Management
Files are securely transferred from our front-end, which is powered by Flinks, to our document repository system for safe-keeping. It has made things a lot easier for our clients.
Paul von Martels, Vice President, EQ Bank

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