Security at Flinks

At Flinks we believe that dealing with a vast amount of sensitive financial data deserves the best practices. We continuously invest in security so our clients can keep their peace of mind.

Industry-leading security


Trust Services Principles

Our operations & features

  • PCI-DSS & SOC2 compliant providers hosting (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Daily automated and manual application security testing
  • Surpass any requirements of Canada’s PIPEDA

  • Storage of sensitive data is done on a highly secured virtual private instance, not accessible by customers nor end-users.
  • AES-256 hardware encryption
  • No access to end users sensitive information.
  • IP whitelisting
  • HTTPS 256-bit encryption
  • Strong authentication mechanism

  • 24/7 response team & SOC2 compliant emergency response plan
  • Strong logical access controls
  • Physical space controls and protection
  • Industry leading Risk & Change Management policies

Our stack

Dynamic Code Assessment

For end users

Our privacy policy highlights how we use, but mostly protect your personal data on both our website and application.

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For clients

Transparency is at the core of what we do. Get in touch with us to learn more about our security practices

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Security practices

Read about our guiding principles and pillars when it comes to fintech & dealing with security.

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Security questions or issues?

If you think you may have found a security vulnerability within Flinks, please get in touch with our security team.

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