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Challenges over perks

We don’t believe perks should be an enticing argument to convince anyone to work. Sure, we have them — just like everyone does. You’ll get insurance, snacks, flexible hours, etc.

At Flinks, what we really offer you is the opportunity to be the master of your own destiny in an intrapreneurial environment. Come align your personal mission and ambitions with ours, and build your own challenges!

This is what we stand for

Actions over words

Values are great. But any brand can write down a list of values - it won't necessarily mean it's being applied. So, what makes a company different?

At Flinks, we believe that values are not a nice set of words, but a succession of actions and facts that drive business results. We don’t write ours on the wall and hope for magic to happen. They are something we live by.

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The tools needed to get the job done

  • Dev
  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Management
  • Distributed data architecture
  • CQRS, ActorModel, DDD
  • .NET Core 3 & C#
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Reactive Design
  • GCP & Cloud architecture.
  • Security as a Feature
  • ML, Cloud functions, serverless, NLP, NeuralNet

Our culture? Well, a result oriented environment and human-centric approach that relies on people’s rigor and autonomy to deliver a 5-star service to customers.

Philippe Gratton
VP Product Ops

Flinks is a place that empowers ownership of your work, where people are willing to help no matter what they do, or what their position is.

Gean Pedro
Engineering Team Lead

Life at Flinks

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