Harness the Power
of Transactional Data

Attributes reveal deeper insights on your customers using
organized and transformed transactional data.

Data Aggregation


Use Flinks to aggregate raw transaction history
then use our world-class categorization engine
to receive basic classified data attributes.



Apply or combine any filters, functions and formulas
to your pre-categorized transactional data.


Receive Attributes

Receive transformed or complex data attributes you can
use to better understand or model your clients’ behavior.

Use cases

Attributes enable you to take full advantage of customers' transactional data
without the hassle of planning manual work or hiring large data science teams.

Income Detection
Receive concise, actionable insights around your clients’ current streams of Income, separated into three main categories: Employment, non-employment & holistic.
Speed up onboarding and fraud analysis using Transactional Data Elements as a flag system. Understand your customers activities, and automatically flag unusual accounts.
Credit Risk Analysis
Receive direct inputs for your credit risk models and transactional analysis through clear understanding of your client’s financial position, income metrics and contributing risk factors.
And more
Build thousands of attributes to help you create better products or improve processes.
Income Detection Attributes Samples
Average monthly employer income
Sum of employer income deposits
Trend of employer Income
Average monthly government income
Average monthly non-employer income
Average monthly total free cash flow
Sum of total credits by month
Trends of total deposits
Fraud Attributes Samples
Age of the account
Count of active days
Unusual recent account activity
Unusual recent debit activity
Sum of recent load deposits
Average monthly recurring payments
Recent balance trend
Recent to historical usage ratio
Credit Risk Analysis Attributes Samples
Average monthly employer income
Trend of employer income
Trend of non-employer income
Average amount of monthly utility & telecom payments
Number of days with a negative balance
Minimum balance across detected accounts
Count of NSF Fees
Average monthly micro-loan payments
Customer segmentation
Affordability analysis
Transactional behavior analysis
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