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Businesses collect data faster than they can make sense of it. Attributes’ unique data enrichment and analytics engine delivers actionable, model-ready insights each time customers connect their accounts.

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How it works
Attributes is the smart layer on top of raw retail and business banking data.
Use our world-class data enrichment and analytics engine to power your loan underwriting, product recommendation,
fraud detection, and any other data-driven user cases.
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Raw Data


Aggregate raw financial data in real-time, receive classified data attributes with our dynamic categorization engine.

Model-Ready Usage


Apply or combine any filters, functions and formulas to your pre-categorized data, making it consumable and relevant to you.

Tailored Outputs


Receive data with actionable insights, integrate them into your modeling process, and use them to better understand your customers' behaviour.

Use cases

Attributes enables you to take full advantage of customers’ financial data without the hassle of planning manual work or hiring large data science teams.

User Analysis
Obtain a comprehensive picture of your client’s financial situation with a combination of income, fraud, and risk insights.
Income Detection
Receive concise, actionable insights around your clients’ current streams of Income, separated into three main categories: Employment, non-employment & holistic.
Speed up onboarding and fraud analysis using Transactional Data Elements as a flag system. Understand your customers activities, and automatically flag unusual accounts.
Credit Risk Analysis
Receive direct inputs for your credit risk models and transactional analysis through clear understanding of your client’s financial position, income metrics and contributing risk factors.
Customer Segmentation
Advanced customer segmentation drives higher retention rates and customer lifetime value.
Custom Attributes
Build thousands of Attributes to help you create better products or improve processes.
User Analysis Attributes Samples

Average monthly employer income

Average monthly non-employer income

Average monthly government income

Account age in days

Unusual recent account activity

Trend of employer income

Number of days with a negative balance

… Plus all the Attributes from Income Detection, Fraud, and Credit Risk Analysis packages

Income Detection Attributes Samples

Average monthly employer income

Sum of employer income deposits

Trend of employer Income

Average monthly government income

Average monthly non-employer income

Average monthly total free cash flow

Sum of total credits by month

Trends of total deposits

And more

Fraud Attributes Samples

Account age

Count of active days

Unusual recent account activity

Unusual recent debit activity

Sum of recent load deposits

Average monthly recurring payments

Recent balance trend

Recent to historical usage ratio

Credit Risk Analysis Attributes Samples

Average monthly employer income

Trend of employer income

Trend of non-employer income

Average amount of monthly utility & telecom payments

Number of days with a negative balance

Minimum balance across detected accounts

Count of NSF Fees

Average monthly micro-loan payments

And more

Customer Segmentation Attributes Samples

Organize information, establish patterns, and clarify your client’s needs to take relevant actions.

Break your prospect pool into small groups that can be targeted based on their different needs.

Custom Attributes Attributes Samples

Each data attribute reveals an aspect of your clients’ financial profile and consumer behavior.

Put them together like building blocks to create a far deeper understanding of your clients’ behavior.

To inquire about your custom Attributes packages, talk to an expert today.

Our difference

Out-of-the-box possibilities

Out-of-the-box Attributes library with 500+ attributes (and infinite custom possibilities).


Available for both retail and business banking data.


Let us do the heaving lifting so that you can focus on building products and experiences that exceed your customers’ expectations.

Transform your customers’ financial data into actionable insights.
“It’s all about understanding our customers—and Flinks provides the best insight into consumer behavior that exists.”
— Tyler Thielmann, VP of Consumer Lending, Spring Financial
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