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Product Update: Speed, Speed and More Speed

By Flinks on November 15th, 2018

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Quick, or even real-time if we dare say so, access to data is key to great and engaging customer experiences. In an ideal world, we believe that someone requesting access to his financial data shouldn’t experience friction in any step of his experience.


In these past weeks, and the ones forthcoming, most of our focus is on increasing speed, as well as bringing our Iframe experience to a new level. We’ve put our brains together in order to find creative ways to enhance that experience for both our clients, but also the clients of our clients.


What we released


During this release, we focused on enhancing the first steps of a user’s experience in the Authorize step, when they engage within your application. Our goal: reduce friction and get as close of our “real-time” experience in the connection as possible.

Our goal: reduce friction and get as close of our “real-time” experience in the connection as possible.

We focused on two institutions, TD Bank and Scotiabank, and were able to drastically increase the speed. Stats-wise, we were able to reduce the overall Authorize speed over 60%! Go, greased lightning, go!

The shortlist of improvements:

  • Authorize Speed for TD Bank.
  • Authorize Speed for Scotiabank.


TD Bank authorize speed improvement

TD Bank improvements


What we’re working on


Working with many financial institutions is quite the thrill, but also brings its load of challenges as each and every one is different. Most of our focus for the next releases will again be speed for the other institutions we connect.

  • Authorize Speed for BMO.
  • Authorize Speed for Desjardins.
  • GetAccountsDetails Speed.
  • Flinks Connect dropout improvement.
  • MFA questions in Flinks Connect.

 As always, for all the details on each release, make sure to stay tuned to our Changelog.


Let us know if you see the difference, or if your customers do!

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