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How PayBright Runs the Ultimate Buy Now, Pay Later Experience on Flinks

By Yves Lavoie

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Whether in-store or online, the checkout experience is not something the average customer thinks about too deeply. They either add yet another purchase to their credit card, or have second thoughts and abandon their cart.

But customers take note when they are suddenly presented with a radically better way to pay at checkout.

Enter PayBright, Canada’s leading provider of installment payment plans. Since its inception, the company has empowered hundreds of thousands of Canadian customers with the flexible option to buy the things they need today, and pay over time in easy installments.

“Flinks allows us to provide a quick and seamless user experience. They connect in seconds, and then the customer doesn’t have to update their payment information at any time.” — Madge Rumman, Senior Director of Product, PayBright

When the PayBright team needs a partner to perform critical functions of linking bank accounts and retrieving financial data, they rely on Flinks.


  • Improve the buying experience by providing instant financing and flexible payment plans at checkout


  • Build the fastest POS credit application in the market —  seamlessly integrated in the checkout experience and powered by financial data


  • Convert users instantly with financial data to expedite identity verification and fraud detection
  • Collect information upfront, allowing for more efficient repayments and better user experience

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Time to play

PayBright is a Canadian payment plan platform on a mission to make the payment experience simply better for Canadians, both in-store and online. 

Early on, they set their sights on building an instant point-of-sale (POS) installment payment solution for e-commerce or in-store transactions — a first in the country.

While POS financing has since become a rapidly growing credit segment on a global scale, at the time, PayBright’s team was introducing both merchants and consumers to a whole new checkout experience:

  • For customers, PayBright offers the ability to easily shop today, pay later, and benefit from interest rates much lower than traditional credit cards.
  • For merchants, Paybright’s seamless integration in the checkout process can increase sales conversion and average order value by double-digits.

But PayBright knew their solution couldn’t just offer more flexibility and a better deal — it needed to be at least as fast, robust, and trustworthy as legacy payment methods.

Time to pay

PayBright’s challenge was to build the fastest application in the market, and allow merchants to seamlessly integrate it with their checkout experience.

They turned to Flinks to integrate financial data connectivity and enrichment into their product, and power a variety of data-driven processes.

“Flinks is fully integrated within our simple three-step process to get a payment plan. After a customer is approved, they see their spending limit and select their plan — and then they link their bank account if they choose this repayment method.”

In just a few seconds, and in a single step for the customer, Flinks returns multiple pieces of data.

  • Identity. Flinks enables PayBright to instantly verify the customer’s full name, address, and contact information with bank-sourced data.
  • Payment. Flinks allows the customer to link their bank account to PayBright, enabling them to verify the account, transit, and institution numbers, and automatically collect repayments over time.
  • Fraud. Flinks data attributes provide high quality data so PayBright’s machine learning-powered tools can determine the legitimacy of the transaction with more accuracy, which reduces fraud and better serves legitimate customers.

And it gets better: once a customer has linked their bank account to PayBright, they don’t need to repeat the process, so this step is removed from any future purchases anywhere PayBright is integrated.

“Over 60% of PayBright customers use Flinks as a way to repay their loans. This is very powerful.”

As PayBright grows rapidly — with thousands of merchants having joined their network worldwide — using Flinks helps them scale their POS installment payment plan offering.

Flinks’ financial data connectivity platform allows PayBright to digitally identify customers, detect fraud, and gather payment information for a frictionless checkout experience.

If, like our client PayBright, you would like to build your product on seamless bank account connectivity and high quality data, talk with our experts. They will be able to guide you on how to deploy financial data connectivity in the context of your business.

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