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Meet Attributes Builder: Solve Unique Use Cases with Custom Insights

By Meng Guan on March 7th, 2023

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For over three years, Flinks Enrichment has been playing a pivotal role in enabling data-driven decisions for financial services by providing behavioral intelligence drawn from raw transaction data. 

Extracting actionable insights relevant to a specific use case can still be challenging for many businesses—preconfigured tools with limited datasets aren’t enough to solve a unique problem. Oftentimes, it requires months to build, test, and identify only one critical data attribute. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Today, Flinks introduces Attributes Builder, an even simpler way to make custom data insights work for you. You can now create your own attributes in minutes within our low-code/no-code Client Dashboard while ensuring a seamless deployment afterward. 

Flinks’ Attributes Builder simplifies your custom data creation, improves the breadth and depth of your data sets, and uncovers relevant insights that enhance your decision-making at scale.

Creating tailored data and generating new insights has never been easier. Discover how Flinks takes your data analytics capabilities to the next level.


Build your own attributes in three easy steps

    • Step 1: Give your custom attribute a name
    • Step 2: Select Data Set 1
      • Define Function: Sum, Count, Average, Trend
      • Select Category: We currently support over 100 attributes categories covering income, loan payments, NSF or stop payment fees, overdraft fees, and more to come 
        • Select Time Period: All time, Daily, Monthly, x Days/Months since request, Current Month, Previous Month, and up to 12 Months Ago
        • Define Cross Function: Divide, Add, Subtract, Same day as, Same week as, Same month as
    • Step 3: Select Data Set 2

    Click Save and it’s done!

Challenges in creating custom data

To stay laser-focused on a specific use case that can have a high impact on your business, the one-size-fits-all reports currently available in the market aren’t comprehensive or actionable enough. For this reason, building new attributes and running new models is essential to unveil relevant insights into your customers and inform your strategy. 

However, creating a new data point from scratch can be time-consuming, requiring a whole data science team months to analyze and test data. Implementing them into existing data stacks and business models also takes additional development resources, limiting your business growth.

Flinks’ solution: Attributes Builder

We designed Attributes Builder to take the development weight off your shoulders. It is a powerful yet intuitive tool for Client Dashboard users and allows your team to quickly generate, save, and deploy custom attributes that serve your business the best. 

Take a look at how some of our clients leveraged Attributes Builder to maximize the value of their customers’ data insights and be more informed in their decision-making.


Who is it for & How is it used?

Alternative lenders with limited data analytics capabilities

  • Quickly create new attributes that are not covered in any pre-built reports or analytics tools at any given time 
  • Gain the missing insights of a borrower in real-time to fill in the decision-making gaps and enhance business process
  • Deploy new attributes in existing workflows, tune reporting to their liking, and eventually extend access to credit

Fintech lenders with disruptive data modeling capabilities

  • Proactively build and test large volumes of new attributes that their data science team can’t normally undertake
  • Effectively determine the most relevant attributes to their business based on a better understanding of new datasets
  • Easily include new attributes in data modeling that can lead to a more accurate forecast of business decisioning

Interested in trying out Attributes Builder and gaining more sophisticated business intelligence? Contact us today and find out how Flinks can help. 


Attributes Builder helps businesses maximize the value of financial data enrichment in more ways than one. Leverage this tool to address your data challenges and turn them into a competitive advantage. 

  • Streamline data creation: automate your data creation process through an easy-to-use interface that anyone can benefit from, without the need to write code
  • Shorten deployment time: reduce the time and resources needed to create, test, and utilize new attributes in your modeling so that you can accelerate your time to market
  • Gain richer customer insights: obtain a granular view of your customer and unlock hidden insights that can help you make better decisions
  • Increase ROIs: free up time for your data scientists and developers to focus on core tasks with higher value while lowering business processing costs
  • Unlock new use cases: add more value to your data by tapping into new use cases to expand your business lines, and improve the delivery of your new products and services

Closing thoughts

Forward-thinking financial companies are all data-driven, not just data-informed. The ability to generate new data at scale and extract crucial insights can make or break a business. With Flinks, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Up next, we will expand the data categories you can create with Attributes Builder to cover other most requested use cases such as PFM, budgeting, and behavior/expense analysis beyond lending, empowering every company to be a successfully data-driven company. Are you ready to create your first custom attribute with Flinks? Talk to one of our experts today and let us help you get started.


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