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Every Company Can Be A Financial Data Company: Introducing Flinks’ New Dashboard

By Meng Guan on March 29th, 2021

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At Flinks, we believe that data connectivity is table stakes for every financial company, and data analytics will form a core competitive advantage to power any business.

Last month we announced a refreshed UI for Flinks Connect to solidify our financial data layer. For Flinks, this is just the beginning of a journey to democratize financial innovations.

Today, we are thrilled to announce Flinks’ new Client Dashboard, your one-stop shop to access your customers’ financial data and visualize insights.

Our Client Dashboard drastically reduces the time, efforts, and technical resources required to use high-quality financial data in your products and services. If you’re into the lingo, it’s your data warehouse—plus, you can easily configure your front-end UI and team access privileges.


  1. Unlock the financial data gold mine
  2. Update your tech stack, the easy way
  3. Case in point: The ultimate financial data solution for ??lenders
  4. Up next

For our trusted clients & partners: to benefit from these improvements, please get in touch with your relationship manager to opt-in.

Unlock the financial data gold mine

As data becomes the world’s most valuable commodity, financial products and services are prone to be insight-driven. However, not every company has the capability or the expertise to extract actionable insights from consumer financial data. That’s where Flinks’ interactive dashboard comes in handy as a data warehouse to power your business.

Centralized view into user-permissioned data

The “Insights” tab contains all the information you need in a single view. 

You now have access to all Retail, Business & Investment data (feed only) visualized in easy-to-read tables and reports, offering a clear, consolidated view of your customers’ financial situations to help you make fact-based decisions. 

By navigating through different portals, you’ll be able to instantly fetch the set of information you need for any specific use case, and combine different insights together to make smart decisions when it comes to more complex situations.

Make informed decisions with actionable insights

Benefits of Flinks’ data warehouse

1. Data layer: every time your customers use Flinks to connect their financial accounts, an entry is created, allowing your agents to instantly access their KYC and account-level information, transactional data, PDF statements, and more. In this way, you can –

  • Replace manual data gathering, grooming, and review with automated data processing 
  • Plug-and-play turnkey integration that saves you time and resources for more value-added services
  • Reduce risks associated with identity theft and tampered documents with data sourced directly from your customers’ financial institutions
  • Facilitate EFT authentication process & simplify transfers by removing manual deposits or documents uploads
Consolidate your financial data layer

2. Analytics insights: being data-driven is critical to every company; with Flinks, advanced data analytics is accessible to everyone. Let our data enrichment engine do the heavy lifting for you and help you –

  • Receive insights for credit risk analysis, income detection, and fraud prevention in easy-to-read reports, so that your analysts can make informed decisions fast
  • Obtain comprehensive, high-quality data to understand your customers’ financial situations, including underlying strengths and weaknesses
  • Deliver personalized recommendations and services through physical and digital touchpoints

Update your tech stack, the easy way

Updating your tech stack with Flinks can be quick and simple—even if you don’t have the tech resources.

We’ve equipped the Client Dashboard with the tools you need to grant secure access to your team members, manage your front-end experience, and monitor connections.

Secure digital workplace

The Client Dashboard gives you administrative powers to grant team members different levels of permissions to do specific tasks within the dashboard and keep your sensitive data more secure. This process is easily configurable, allowing you to clarify roles and capabilities while growing your workforce. 

In addition, as Two-Factor Authentication has become the norm for adding extra security to your personal accounts and devices, we adhere to the best practices to strengthen your digital workplace. You can now login to the dashboard with a 2FA secure code against the possibility of password compromise and privacy breaches.

Safeguard your digital workplace with 2FA

Custom & engaging UI

Your team can now configure your Flinks front-end UI directly within the “Connect” tab of your dashboard, preview and deploy right away without leaving the page.

  • Easy to set up. If you are getting started with Flinks Connect, setting up a custom and converting UI is simple using our clean, modern, and intuitive iframe.
  • Quick to tweak. If you are already using Flinks Connect, configuring your UI on an on-going basis is easy-breezy to ensure your UI reflects your latest brand identity or your customers’ ever-changing needs. 
Configure your custom UI on-the-go

We’ve also added a dynamic usage monitoring bar within this tab to display # of volume, users and refreshes that occur over time, helping you understand how your team and your customers engage with you in real-time.

Set up your one-stop shop data warehouse in no time

Case in point: The ultimate financial data solution for US lenders

Most lenders in the US have started using financial data aggregation as a cost-effective way to underwrite loans. However, very few are actually able to fully leverage the data shared by borrowers to verify income and perform data-driven risk analysis. That’s why we envisioned a product that helps US lenders move beyond simple IBV, and make better underwriting decisions with tailored analytics and visualization tools—enhancing both manual underwriting and automated underwriting systems.

Best-in-class turnkey solution for lenders

Without writing a single line of code, you can set up your data connectivity along with the dashboard, and integrate them into your existing business models and technological infrastructures in no time. 

Through the visually rich Client Dashboard, your underwriting team can quickly access a multi-faceted view of data sets designed for business users. As a result, they can more efficiently make data-driven decisions. 

Power your underwriting with advanced credit risk analysis

The dashboard is also pre-configured, covering retail and business banking data, applicable across the most common use cases in lending, including digital KYC, income verification, and fraud detection, unlocking more business value hidden in your underwriting data. 

Borrower links made for a frictionless lending

As many lenders have a traditional and digital presence, an omnichannel lending experience is imperative to onboard borrowers. And a truly engaging digital loan process must support the ability for the borrower to switch methods of engagement in different channels, whether online or in a branch.

Flinks’ Client Dashboard has added a new “Invites” feature for borrower engagement—lenders can send a borrower link to clients to facilitate their digital loan applications. This is particularly useful for lenders with brick-and-mortar locations who want to digitize their data collection process.

Simply input the borrower’s name, email address/mobile number for them to connect to their bank accounts, so even less tech-savvy borrowers can complete their loan application without friction.

Invite borrowers to authenticate their bank accounts

Agent engagement & collaboration

The multi-team admin feature is also available to help you better manage complex teams. We built this new feature to simplify complex responsibilities and help your team stay organized. When growing your lending business, you can manage your admins as a separate but related team.

With the increasing focus on the borrower experience, better engagement with the agents who serve them makes perfect sense. The dashboard therefore enables you to assign agents for a non-admin role to access the dashboard, so that you can elevate and sustain their agent engagement and collaboration.

Assign agents and set up role-based permissions

Up next

More and more SMBs aspire to a forward-thinking, all-in-one data approach to serve more customers better. And they shouldn’t have to hurdle all the roadblocks themselves. 

With the Client Dashboard providing the fundamentals to build revolutionary products and services, Flinks will continue gathering client feedback and refining the dashboard for you and your customers. 

Also, here are some of the upcoming updates you can expect: 

  • Flinks Express (Flinks’ hosted solution) will be integrated into the dashboard
  • Wealth and investment data across financial institutions in the US will be soon available
  • More custom filters that allow you to sort information and get more complex results 
  • Documentation will be available with the dashboard for a richer developer experience

We hope you enjoy the Client Dashboard and can’t wait to hear what you think! 

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