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Open Banking Momentum in Canada

By Flinks on March 7th, 2024

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The momentum for Open Banking in Canada is being driven by consumer and business demand for more personalized financial experiences, greater control over financial data, and the need for innovative services that traditional banking has been slow to offer. The Canadian government is also addressing the need for progress in Canada’s banking technology, committing to the establishment of a federally mandated consumer-driven banking (also known as Open Banking) framework.  

All of this adds up to a significant upswing in the adoption of Open Banking across Canada for businesses and consumers alike. At Flinks, we’ve seen this momentum swing firsthand, as our recent partnerships can attest to. Let’s take a look at what’s happening with Open Banking in Canada today to get a better understanding of why it’s gaining so much traction and consider what the future holds. 

Driving Forces Behind Open Banking Momentum in Canada

Historically, Canada’s financial sector has been characterized by a conservative approach, but the tide is turning as both the government and regulatory bodies are now recognizing the benefits of Open Banking. 

The government of Canada announced in November 2023 that it is actively exploring frameworks that would allow for greater financial data portability and consumer empowerment through “consumer-driven banking,” with an expected rollout in 2025. This has propelled many businesses to get ahead of regulations and start developing their own Open Banking capabilities. 

Flinks has longstanding roots in Canada, having helped countless companies on their Open Banking journeys. With a deep understanding of the Canadian banking system plus technology that has been built with Canada’s unique infrastructure in mind, we champion Open Banking because we see its vast benefits for the market—spurring innovation, enhancing competition, and amplifying consumer choice. 

As we work together with policymakers to help shape Canada’s Open Banking framework, we’re already witnessing its positive impact as more and more companies begin developing their own Open Banking capabilities. Flinks is at the heart of this transformation, a key player that is working with partners and financial institutions to drive the industry forward and create a financial ecosystem that’s more accessible, efficient, and attuned to the modern consumer and businesses’ needs.

Flinks’ Recent Partnership Announcements

Flinks stands at the forefront of Open Banking in Canada, aligning seamlessly with recent government initiatives to establish a federally mandated customer-driven banking framework. As the only provider to have helped launch live Open Banking platforms in Canada, Flinks has a wealth of firsthand experience in the development and implementation of Open Banking programs all across the country. With our recent partnerships, we’re paving the way towards a secure, direct and inclusive financial ecosystem that better serves all Canadians.

As we await an official open banking regime in Canada, Central 1’s partnership with Flinks will bring much of the open banking functionality our credit union and financial institution clients have been asking for and support optionality over the long term. We are thrilled to be part of this movement in Canada.

Sheila Vokey, Central 1 President & CEO

To get a better understanding of the significance and benefits of these partnerships for the Canadian financial ecosystem, let’s take a look at some of our recent announcements. 

FirstOntario Credit Union 

Last year, Everlink and Flinks partnered up to give credit unions and other financial institutions the tools they need to easily integrate and launch Outbound, an Open Banking solution

FirstOntario has harnessed the momentum of Open Banking, leveraging Flinks’ technology to provide members with more control and a better overall financial experience. Continuously innovating, FirstOntario is one of the first credit unions in Canada to begin working with Flinks + Everlink to build out their Open Banking program and begin offering their customers a safe and reliable way to share their financial data. 

This partnership offers secure financial data-sharing, significantly cutting development costs and accelerating FirstOntario’s market entry with an API-driven platform. This industry-leading, adaptable architecture also ensures compliance with evolving regulations while anticipating future functionalities such as payments, account creation and write access. 

ATB Ventures 

The partnership between Flinks and ATB Ventures will see Oliu™, ATB Venture’s state-of-the-art digital ID verification solution, integrate with Flinks’ data connectivity platform.

Using Flinks’ direct API bank connections, digital ID verifications are simplified by enabling customers to seamlessly and instantly verify their identities. By leveraging direct bank connections, it enables companies to swiftly authenticate identities and assess financial histories, ensuring compliance while significantly reducing the time to onboard new customers. This modern approach to data sharing streamlines the KYC process, offering a frictionless customer experience and a robust foundation for secure financial transactions – all in compliance with FINTRAC guidelines.

Central 1 

What makes partnering with an experienced Open Banking provider like Flinks ideal for Canadian credit unions are the turnkey solutions Flinks provides, giving them everything they need to easily launch their Open Banking programs.

Take for example the partnership between Flinks and Central 1. By partnering with Flinks, Central 1’s affiliated credit unions and financial institutions will be able to use Flinks to immediately launch their Open Banking capabilities while ensuring they meet future regulations. This solution also includes accessing and distributing Open Banking API connections to a network of hundreds of fintech and application partners. Together with Flinks, Central 1’s affiliated credit unions gain a competitive edge with a proven Open Banking solution.  


Currently, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are faced with the time-consuming task of manually inputting their banking data into accounting software in order to reconcile their accounts. This not only wastes time that can be better directed elsewhere, but this sort of accounting is also prone to human error. The Flinks and Xero partnership gives Xero’s SMB customers access to the largest network of direct bank API connections across Canada and the United States, including secure and direct access to their banking data. 

This is Open Banking in action. By giving customers across North America the ability to sync their bank feeds directly, SMBs can increase their productivity by reducing the time and effort spent on manual reconciliations, while also increasing the accuracy and timeliness of their reconciliations.

Flinks: At the Forefront of Open Banking in Canada

Flinks is continuously innovating and expanding its infrastructure to ensure financial institutions can effortlessly join and thrive in this dynamic ecosystem. As the momentum of Open Banking accelerates, Flinks is committed to forging new partnerships and enhancing our technology, enabling financial institutions to seamlessly integrate and leverage the vast opportunities Open Banking presents. 

By working together, Flinks and its partners can leverage each other’s strengths, share expertise, and drive technological advancements, which are crucial for delivering the seamless and personalized experiences that Canadian consumers now expect. 

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