Implementing open banking in Canada is the subject of intense discussions involving both market and government. What problem is open banking aiming to solve? What rights should consumers and businesses have on the data generated from their financial activities? What should be the respective roles of the government and industry players in shaping open banking?

These discussions don’t happen in a vacuum. Other countries have been running their version of open banking for a few years.

In this recorded session, Senator Colin Deacon joins Flinks’ Chief of Staff Dominique Samson to discuss why data sharing has become such an essential topic in finance and what a consumer-centric approach to open banking looks like practically speaking.

Ensuring that Consumer-Directed Finance Works for Consumers

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A deep dive on the consumer-centric approach to open banking.

Colin Deacon

Senator & Open Innovation Advocate

Dominique Samson

Chief of Staff & Policy Lead

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In this session we'll address:

Why data sharing has become such an essential topic in finance & what are the different approaches taken around the world to implement open banking?

What does a consumer-centric approach to open banking look like practically speaking? What does the consumer need to be able to do? 

How would the open banking framework evolve over time to remain relevant to its original mission & how can financial service providers make their voices heard in the debate to shape open banking?