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Product Updates Roundup: April 2023

By Meng Guan on April 17th, 2023

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At Flinks, we are committed to empowering financial services to provide the best possible experience for their customers. And our team has been hard at work developing new features and enhancements that will make Flinks even better for you.

We’re excited to share the latest changes in our product suite, designed to improve your day-to-day operations while ensuring a seamless end-user experience. Read on to see what we’ve rolled out.

What’s new?


  • Payroll verification (beta): Partnering with Argyle, Flinks now can pull income data directly through payroll providers both in the US and Canada. This allows lenders to verify their customers’ income with the most accurate payroll data, especially for gig workers.


  • Try Enrichment: Non-customers can try Enrichment using real data and see it in action. We gathered client feedback and optimized this feature to support more file formats and include more reports than lending.
  • Segment: Business users can understand their customers’ financial behavior on a collective basis so that they can optimize their credit decisioning based on Flinks’ benchmark data.
  • PDF bank statement uploads: End-users can upload their PDF statements to Flinks without the need for credential sharing and/or screen scraping.


  • New customer integration: Flinks recently integrated a major FI client within our product offerings.

Making the most of updates

For more information about the updates above, please speak to your assigned Relationship Manager or Sales Specialist. They’d be happy to share more details with you!

As a reminder, if you have any new feature requests or want to share feedback, we encourage you to reach out and let us know as we’re continously looking for ways to enhance our products.

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