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Flinksters – Maggie Laperle

By Flinks on September 21st, 2018

Reading Time: 3 min

Maggie is our HR pro. In this installment of Flinksters, she talks about her day-to-day, how she helps shape Flinks’ future, and everything in between! 

Can you describe what the role of Head of Acceleration consists of?

As Flinks Head of Acceleration, my primary role is to blitzscale our business with discipline and impact. I strive to hire the right talents and help them hit the ground running to add value to our clients, our divisions and our investors from Day 1. Finally, I ensure that they have what they need to deliver continuous value beyond their first remit.

Our environment nurtures audacity, autonomy, continuous learning and solving client problematics, because we know that these values lead to better outcomes. Naturally, I anchor my workflow in the same values, from the first contact with talents at the sourcing phase, to their onboarding, and I strive to build a strong partnership with our current and prospective employees.


What is a typical day like for you?

There is no such a thing as a typical day at Flinks. At our current stage of growth, priorities change by the minute. Adapting to those moving sands without missing the big picture requires quick decision-making and Trial-&-Error problem-solving abilities, and that is my current modus operandi.

There are, however ,recurring routines that resonate through my days. For example, I use my morning coffee to skim through tech and finance news; I maintain open channels with the Executive committee regarding strategic orientations, cap raises, new business opportunities and/or threats, to make sure that my execution plan is consistent with our current and future needs, amongst other things.

Lately, I have had the chance to read The Sales Acceleration Formula by Mark Roberge. On top of giving me clues about how to organize sales for explosive revenue growth, the book inspired me to come up with my own Daily Acceleration Formula: A set of rules that I strive to apply to (1) source prospective employees, (2) nurture our existing talent, and (3) unlock potential at every level of the organization, day-in and day-out.


What were you doing before joining Flinks?

I spent the seven years prior to Flinks at Desjardins, working as an HR partner. What a fantastic learning experience that was! I understood the importance of Trust, with a capital T, in the workplace. I sharpened my awareness of nonverbal communication. For example, what is not being said is, at times, much more important than what is discussed/expressed.

Outside of work, I acted as a Director at the Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montréal (JCCM): I put my strength in developing talents at the service of my community. This city has given me so much, I reasoned, that I ought to at least reciprocate (not that I am a Matcher, to use Adam Grant Give and Take vocabulary – if you ask me, I am more of a giver).

As I continue to put my full energy behind this project, I was lately awarded a JCCM board seat, concentrating on HR matters at the service / on behalf of the General Director. The challenge has taken a notch up, but my purpose is unchanged: give back, and give more.


How would you describe Flinks in a few words?

Streamlining banking, one product at the time.


Why Flinks?

Someone once told me,“Banking helps you understand the world around you. Startups create new worlds and change existing ones.” Flinks is clearly onto something that I trust will be big, and I want to be a part of/driving some of it.

On a personal note, working at Flinks means being surrounded with brilliant and driven do-ers, people who don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to get that prod release done, or that product launched in (often crazy-fast) time. It’s exhilarating, it’s fun, it’s tough, and I love it


What are your biggest challenges at work?

Currently, the job market is tight as a result of the longest bull market in the history of modern economy. What it translates into is undoubtedly the scarcity of talents. Why is it challenging for me? I aim for every new hire to be a match, and that’s a tough one in the current conditions.


Where can we find you when not in the office?

You can find me in 2 places: jogging in my neighbourhood (I love Westmount, and I love toning my body and sharpening my mind through exercice), or in NYC (one of my favourite cities in the world), where I like to spend time with my loved ones. Fun fact: I run faster in Central Park for some reason, and I somehow manage to read more when I am there.


You used to be a ballerina; how has that helped you in your present work?

Having been a ballerina for nearly 15 years shaped my relationship to effort, discipline and the mind-body connection: I came to realize that there are no shortcuts to hard work, and at the same time, there are no limits that cannot be breached with the right state of mind.

Dance taught me to transform intentions into actions, and that’s a key takeaway that I keep close to heart and mind as I walk my life path.


And your last word?

Let’s do this now, let’s do this together.




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