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Flinks API Now 6.7X Faster

By Flinks on January 15th, 2018

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A level of Customer Experience never seen before in Canada

Flinks’ technology is now 6.7X faster than it was before. This new level of speed, the most recent achievement of our innovation team (yes, we’re pretty proud of them at Flinks!) brings an entire new level of customer experience to Canadians. 

Users will now be able to link their accounts under 10 seconds in virtually all Canadian financial institutions. This represents a huge step forward in our mission to democratize access to financial data in Canada.

Impact on Flinks’ clients

This sizable upgrade means higher conversion rates for our clients – thanks to this new cutting edge CX during digital customer onboarding. 

The message we are sending to all of our clients and partners with this latest improvement is our sincere commitment to always be improving the quality of our product.

The “most reliable provider” was our unofficial title (given with love by our clients). We now hope (and expect) that our title will become a little bit longer: “Flinks, the fastest, and most reliable provider.”


Impact on consumers

In the past years, Canadian consumers have increasingly adopted the use of financial Application Programming Interfaces — financial APIs (distributed by the most innovative FIs and FinTechs) as a way to benefit from a simplified user experience. For example, account verification through micro-deposits (typically a 3-5 days process) has been widely replaced by instant account verification (industry average of 90 seconds, now under 10s with Flinks).

Despite the increasing popularity of financial APIs, providers (often US-based) have consistently left users unhappy due to (1) a very high fail rate, and (2) quite a lengthy processing time.

For the first time in the Canadian market, Flinks is able to truly meet the expectations of consumers to provide the ultimate customer experience: A business solution that is both reliable and fast.

Some of our clients already use Flinks’s technology for easier digital customer onboarding, for KYC purposes or for additional risk management reference data points. This enhanced speed opens up new possibilities to innovate, and deliver even better financial products to Canadians.

Here’s a sneak peek into the raw testing of our API, after the speed improvement. As you can see, we are quite (obsessively) precise in our measurements! 

National Speed.png


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