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Flinks Adds a New Canadian Bank to Its List of Supported Institutions

By Flinks on August 1st, 2017

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Flinks now enables HSBC members to synchronize their account with finance apps.


Our financial API now supports HSBC, allowing Flinks to offer the most comprehensive bank coverage on the Canadian market.

The total number of financial institutions supported by Flinks increases to fifteen, resulting in a coverage of the Canadian consumer market of nearly 97%.

HSBC and Flinks

At Flinks, we are constantly working on expanding the number of financial institutions we support, so more Canadian consumers can benefit from an enhanced user-experience while using online financial services.

Specifically, this new functionality means the 500,000+ members of HSBC Canada will now be able to synchronize their bank data with finance apps powered by Flinks. These include Acceo (payment), Dwello (rent automation), Ledgerdocs, and many more.

Other industries impacted by Flinks’ improved coverage include car, business, and personal lenders, as well as many emerging finance apps.

Our solution allows Flinks clients to: 
    – Verify account ownership: full name and civic address of the account holder 
    – Conduct account verification: institution, transit and account number 
    – Verify real-time balance 
    – Access transaction history: up to 12 months of data 

Not certain you’re providing the best experience to your users? Enhance the user-experience of your solution using Flinks financial API.

Flinks is the only financial data aggregator dedicated to the Canadian market. 
HSBC Canada is the leading international bank in the country.

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