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Introducing Digitization in a Box: The Road(map) to Digital Just Got Shorter

By Yves Lavoie on May 14th, 2020

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At Flinks, we’re on a mission to make financial data easy to use in any context. This means data connectivity and enrichment should be accessible even if you have no prior experience using these tools. Even if your tech team is small. And even if you don’t have developers available.

We’ll wait while you reread the previous sentence.

Let’s talk about how you can deploy Flinks faster, using little to no tech resources.

Digitization in a box

For far too long, building digital services that operate on financial data has required quite a lot of technical expertise — which meant waiting for resources to become available while juggling different priorities.

Now, imagine setting up your bank account connection experience by answering a simple questionnaire. Or having your analysts access the data points they need by generating a report with the push of a button.

We’re rolling out features allowing you to access all the data you need, and visualize it, without having to involve tech teams.

We think this is a significant win for both big and small financial businesses. By making the integration an easy plug-and-play experience, you can get your products to market faster.

1. Flinks Hosted Solution: no code integration

There are two critical steps to successfully leverage financial data: accessing it, and making is useful.

Let’s take access, first.

The Flinks Hosted Solution lets you set up the connection flow that allows your users to link their bank accounts without a single line of code — and the whole thing can be done within hours.

This connection flow provides the same great user experience as our other integration options, without the need for tech resources.

What is this magic, you ask? Basically, our team creates a custom connection flow and hosts it for you. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 — Answer a few questions

To make sure your connection flow fits your needs, we’ll ask you to sit back, relax, and answer a few questions.

This will allow us to customize your connection flow on two aspects:

  • Branding. Our layout leaves ample space to personalize the user experience to fit your brand.
  • Information gathering. You can add custom questions to the connection flow to gather any specific information you need from your users: basic contact information, reference number, etc.

Step 2 — Deploy as a URL

When our team is done preparing your custom connection flow, we will host it for you on a URL clearly identified to your brand. And voilà — you’re done with your integration!

All you need to do is direct your users to this URL to connect to their bank accounts.

2. Attributes Reports in the Portal: visualize complex data

Once you have access to your users’ data, the second step is to actually put it to use. Transactional data in particular is notoriously hard to make sense of, let alone take action upon it.

We’ve built Attributes to take care of the heavy lifting for you, but there was still one technical hurdle left: you couldn’t collect data attributes without setting up API calls.

Well, now you can.

You can now access enriched data insights from Attributes directly in the Portal. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 — Log into the Portal

The Portal is a handy online tool our clients can use to access their users’ financial data.

Step 2 — Request reports

At the press of a button, you now have the ability to generate reports based on your Attributes package.

Step 3 — Visualize data

Visualization is a powerful tool to make data-driven decisions easier. We’ve designed the reports to help your teams make sense of the insights from your Attributes package.

Ready to start using Attributes reports?

Simply get in touch with our sales team for a demo, or ask your relationship manager to activate this feature in your Portal.

3. Sandbox access: get started on your own

Eager to start, or simply curious to see what Flinks looks like? It only takes a few minutes to create your sandbox account.

The Flinks Dashboard is the perfect place to get started on your own.
“Come in.”

In your sandbox, you can:

  • Manage your projects.
  • Access the Portal.
  • Test and improve your integration.

When you’re ready to launch, our experts will review your integration. This way, we can all be confident that your deployment will be a success.

How Digitization in a box can work for you

Lending in a box

1. Get started quickly

With a codeless integration of bank account connectivity.

2. Visualize your clients’ information

With Attributes reports generated directly in the Portal.

3. Take action

With an end-to-end understanding of your clients from day one.

Experimentation toolkit

1. Move new projects forward

With integrations that don’t rely on tech resources.

2. Simplify access to enriched data

With a simple online interface to visualize your Attributes package.

3. Get your PoC out of the door faster

With much easier and shorter time to experiment.

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