Yves-Gabriel is Flinks' CEO. He is on a mission to accelerate innovation in finance by making financial data instantly portable and universally consumable.

Let’s Open the Door to What’s Coming: Announcing a New Fundraise

By Yves-Gabriel Leboeuf on August 27th, 2021

Reading Time: 3 min

In July 2020, we closed a $16M Series A with a plan to go Full speed ahead! In August 2021—and just about four years since launching Flinks—we’re receiving another $103M, including $30M growth capital.

With this investment from National Bank of Canada, our teams have the financial backing, expertise, and network to lift the industry.

So what’s our plan now?

Today, financial service providers can get bank account connectivity with comprehensive coverage from most data aggregators. It’s a standard expectation, and we’ve got that covered too.

Flinks’ mission has a lot to do with what makes us different. Access to data alone isn’t enough for the majority of the fintech, credit unions, assets managers, etc. And if they can’t actually use financial data, they won’t bring its full value to their customers.

This is a truth that guides our work ever since launching Flinks in 2017. For consumers to fully benefit from the modernization of financial services, every service provider needs to be given a real chance at innovating—regardless of their size, means, or tech-savviness.

More than anything else, we’re about empowering our clients with tools that make it easy to drive positive outcomes with financial data.

We’ve been upgrading our dashboard regularly to help teams digitize a growing range of processes without having to write a single line of code.

An even bigger contribution is our smart data enrichment layer. If you’re new to Flinks, this is the technology that does all the heavy lifting for our clients and lets them work directly with tangible, actionable insights. And there is SO MUCH they can do when financial data is that easy to use—from deeply personal experiences to near-instant onboarding or approvals, and overall better products that meet important, often underserved customer needs.

Let’s look at the path that led us where we are now. Before Flinks, my co-founder and I tried to start a “buy now, pay later” app because we understood ecommerce checkout simply wasn’t good enough. We stumbled upon what we felt was a bigger, more pressing unsolved issue in our market: digital finance as a whole was failing consumers because no one was ensuring data portability.

Four years and two major fundraises later, it’s safe to say that we’ve gained a solid foothold on solving this problem.

If anyone still needs confirmation that data is a critical piece of modern financial services, this is it. And we’re building the key components of this new infrastructure.

Our plan now is to build the easiest and most efficient data platform, so service providers of all sizes can play a role in the future of finance.

P.S. We have multiple openings for movers and shakers eager to help us achieve this bold mission. Check them out.

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