Acquire and onboard clients

Get clients to use your products faster

Transform your user experience with automated digital onboarding. Reduce drop-outs, prevent fraud and acquire more clients within your product.


in Conversion rate


in Cost per User Acquisition

Seconds, not days

in the speed of onboarding

Streamline your customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is expensive. In a world of swift innovation and ease-of-access for users, you need to provide the best experience. Don’t let your efforts be in vain by dropping all your potential clients because of a void cheques or micro-deposits.

Flinks lets you seamlessly connect users to their bank within your digital product, authenticate their account and avoid fraud, so you can focus on what matters: acquiring customers.

We’ll help you with:

  • Digital account opening
  • Money transfer verification
  • Account aggregation
  • Identify verification
And more…

“Flinks' Account Verification enables us to access and understand our users' bank account information and engage with it in real-time.”

Andrew Boyajian Head of Banking North America, TransferWise

Improve conversion rates

Enable your users to use your product faster by seamlessly integrating our Flinks Connect IFrame directly in your experience.

Generate more revenues

No more fear of investing time and resources into a product everyone will drop out at onboarding. Focus on what matters: acquisition.

Reduce risks

Simplify your AML/FINTRAC compliance while remaining 100% digital.

Fit with your brand experience

In banking, User Experience is the new black. Enable your business to strategically stand out and perform.

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