Lenders often struggle to turn the vast amount of data they collect into meaningful, actionable information.

Financial data enrichment is the missing piece within a lender’s existing data stack. With it, lenders can automate their processes and make informed choices when it comes to their business and credit decisioning.

Download our guide and find out how Financeit, Mitsubishi HC Capital Canada, and Spring Financial successfully built data-driven verification processes with Flinks.

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Key Takeaways

About Flinks

Founded in 2017, Flinks has rapidly grown to become a leader in data connectivity, data enrichment, and Open Banking. Trusted by over 600+ financial institutions and service providers, Flinks helps connect millions of Canadians with our reliable and secure Open Banking solutions, and facilitates the movements and usability of financial data.

Challenges in building data-driven verification processes

Why financial data enrichment is the missing piece in lenders' data stack

Case studies of three different data-driven verification processes

How Lenders Build Data-Driven Verification Processes